In short, Yes you can; but be really careful.

You can do it if:

  • You have a really large company that makes individual editing impossible, eg 300 people size, and everyone’s salary always change in different months.

  • You need fingerprint integration from other vendors. (eg FingerTec has implemented Exporting to in their TCMS v3 version)

However, it is such a feature that can be easily went wrong.

As you edit the Excel and import into the system, it is very common that some mistakes could happen in editing the amount in Excel, and gets carried forward into the payroll – and it is almost not traceable, because the source: your Excel already have the number wrong. Another possible situation is that the amount is calculated wrongly with some parameter available in the system, and it is overlooked.

So, even if you use this feature, you also need to double check everyone’s Payroll amount – please do all necessary checking and don’t hold us liable in the data finalized by your clicking on "confirm" button.

Now, if you still want to use the Excel to import the payroll data every month, here’s the magic door to the feature:


You can

  • click at Download Template, and
  • get the Excel filled up and upload back into the system.

This is how the excel would look like:


Fill up this file according to each field, for example, for OT, key in the hours worked, for allowances, fill in the amount. After you have done that, save the file and click Upload File then the data will be imported into the system! For fields that are not applicable, you can leave it as it is.

Do note that:

  1. Do not add any new title fields into the excel file.
  2. Do not remove any existing title fields from the excel file.
  3. If you wish to only import for a few employees, you can remove the rest of the employees from the excel template.
  4. If an amount is being keyed into, for example, RM100 into Allowance General, it will overwrite the amount that is already in the system, likewise, if you leave the amount empty, it will not overwrite the amount that is in the system. However, if you put the amount as RM0, it will still overwrite the amount in the system.

Hope that helps!

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