Imagine the possibilities when marketing principles are applied to HR practices—have you considered this? 

There might be some golden tips you missed during our lively Community Series 2024 event in April, as we explored the world of HR, discussing innovative strategies to improve human resources management. We're genuinely thankful to all attendees for their active participation and enthusiasm, which played a significant role in the event's success. 

Effon Khoo, our CEO, discussed how marketing techniques can enhance HR strategies. We explored ways to make work more engaging and companies more successful. Attendees gained valuable insights into using marketing tactics to improve employee understanding, set clear expectations, and foster a culture of growth. 

Our HR Sifu, Nizam Shari, provided a comprehensive overview of payroll processes in Malaysia, including topics such as pay slips, EPF, and SOCSO compliance. Participants left with the knowledge and confidence to handle payroll effectively while ensuring legal compliance. 

Relearning HR

The topic shed light on the vital importance for HR professionals to stay agile and adaptable in today's dynamic business landscape.  

Key insights: 

  1. The need to understand the intricacies of the business. 
  2. Communicate effectively like marketers. 
  3. Design a culture of growth within the organization. 

Attendees were urged to tackle pressing questions surrounding talent retention, recognizing that keeping top talent hinges on addressing issues such as outdated performance review systems, limited opportunities for professional growth, and an uninspiring organizational culture. By embracing a marketing mindset, HR departments can creatively tackle these challenges and craft a compelling employer brand. 

Payroll 101 for SMEs

Attendees were provided with a comprehensive guide to: 

  • Payroll management
  • Covering essential topics such as legal requirements
  • Tax deductions
  • Statutory contributions
  • Common mistakes in payroll processing


From understanding employer responsibilities to navigating the crucial of tax calculations and statutory payments, attendees gained practical tips to streamline their payroll processes and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 


“I have been using for 3 months and we are using the package with 75 employees. I chose because it’s a one-shot system. It’s about the automation of the employees’ leaves, all linked together, we don’t have to check one by one. I recommend everyone to use because of its simplicity and efficiency!” - Hasmaizah (event participant)


A heartfelt shout-out goes to Worq, our generous venue sponsor, for creating the coziest setting imaginable. And a huge thank you to all the attendees who made our discussions on HR strategies and payroll management so enriching and engaging! 

The Community Series 2024 event served as a platform for learning, collaboration, and empowerment, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with actionable strategies to drive HR excellence in their respective organizations. We look forward to continuing this journey of growth and innovation together in future events. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming Community Series in May, where we provide more in-depth discussions, practical tips, and solutions to your HR needs and everyday challenges.

Be alert too for our next session announcement dropping soon! And for those eager to learn about our system, mark your calendars for our monthly onboarding session.