There is a new requirement in CP8D where the text file has to include Date of Retirement/End of Contract:


There are 3 scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Full-time/Permanent employees:
According to LHDN, all employees should have their retirement date regardless full time/part time. When employees enter the company, the employer should notify them of their commencement date and retirement date, for example, the company follows the Labor Act where the mandatory retirement age is on 60 years old. The HR of the company should determine and notify the employees in the offer letter.
Our system will generate a date based on employees' 60-years-old birthday but you can also change it.

Opera Snapshot_2024-01-18_113953_screencapture-app-staging-kakitangan-users-2024-01-18-11_35_07.png.png

Scenario 2 - Terminated employees:
If an employee has been terminated in the year of remuneration, then the termination date will be used instead.


Scenario 3 - Contract employees:
Contract employees have an end-of-contract date, which will be used in CP8D. Please change the date to the correct date as by default, we will be using employees' 60-years-old birthday.

Opera Snapshot_2024-01-18_113953_screencapture-app-staging-kakitangan-users-2024-01-18-11_35_07.png.png

In conclusion:

  1. If an employee is full-time, the system will be generating a date based on their 60-years-old birthday.
  2. If an employee is employed with a contract, key in the end-of-contract date.
  3. If an employee has been terminated, ignore the date and let the system use the termination date.

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