First time register for your company or for your employer? Here’s how.

Through e-Daftar

You can register online through e-Daftar

1.      Click on “Type of taxpayer” then choose “Company”

2.      Tick the “company registration number”.

3.      Fill up the reference number and all other required information.

4.      Then click “search”

5.      If this message appear : "No income tax number record", click on the e-Daftar inside the box and it will direct you to the page “Part A: Basic Particulars”. Then fill up all the information in the box.

6.      If this message appear: "Not yet registered". Click on “Update Details” and it will direct you to page “Part A: Basic Particulars” and then you need to fill up all the details required.

To receive a fast response, you may call LHDN office to check on your status.


Written application

Another option is to submit a written application either to the HASIL Office closest to your address or at any IRBM Office. 

Documents Required for Registration 

Local Company: Private Limited Company and Limited Company 

i. a) Notice of registration of company under section 15 Companies Act 2016; OR 

b) Certificate of incorporation of company under section17 Companies Act 2016 (if available) 

ii. Notification of Change In The Register Of Directors, Managers And Secretaries under section 58 Companies Act 2016 


Foreign Company             

i.             Notice of registration of foreign company under section 562 Companies Act 2016 

ii.            Particulars Of Change or Alteration Relating to Foreign Company under subsection 567(1) Companies Act 2016 


After Registration  

You need to file the e-CP204 within 3 months of starting your business.

New companies must start making instalment payments from the 6th month after they begin operations.

And make sure to submit the C and R Form within 7 months after closing your accounts.


To download e-CP204, refer to the steps below:

1.      Go to

2.      Click “Other Forms”

3.      Under “Category”, select “Form CP204” then click “Search” button


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