If you have been using Kakitangan.com for a while, you may have already discovered the advantages of user groups. If not, no need to worry as we will explore the benefits of utilizing user groups and the newly released workday group feature in more detail.

  • Grouping features
  • How do I create a group?
  • How do I utilize them in Payroll?
  • How do I utilize them in Hadir?
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    Attention to new comers, these features are available under Payroll and Hadir module, feel free to click on below to check them out if you haven't!

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    Grouping Features

    User group is the best place

    1. To differentiate your employees by pay groups/cost centre in your company (if any and applicable).
    2. To differentiate your employees by executive and non-executive (if any and applicable).

    Workday group is the best place

    1. To categorize your employees by their standard working hours.

    How do I create a group?

    1. I create 3 pay groups: Alpha, Beta, Charlie
    2. I have two different working hours 8hrs and 9hours

    User Group
    Screenshot 2024-02-28 145133.png

    I proceed to create 2 workday groups, assign Alpha and Beta employees into 8hours workday group and finally Charlie's employees into 9hours workday group.

    Workday Group
    Screenshot 2024-03-01 150735.png

    How do you utilize them in payroll payment type?

    It's advisable to utilize the assign groups field to manage the allowances/deductions/overtime, otherwise, if many individuals have different allowances/deductions/overtime, you may utilize assign employee field.

    For example:
    Your company offer different overtime pay rates based on employee's pay groups

    1. Create an Overtime 2x assign to Charlie group
    2. Create an Overtime 1.5x assign to Alpha and Beta group
    3. Create an PH overtime 3x assign to Charlie group
    4. Create an PH overtime 2x assign to Alpha and Beta group

    Screenshot 2024-03-01 150613.png

    Another example:

    1. Fixed Transport allowance RM500/monthly assign to Alpha and Beta group.
    2. Fixed Transport allowance RM800/monthly assign to Charlie group.

    Screenshot 2024-03-01 150456.png

    How do you utilize them in Hadir?

    1. Only Beta and Charlie group are using attendance clock-in.
    2. For shifts that belong to Charlie, may reuse overtime rates that you have setup in the payroll and assign accordingly in each individual shift and vice versa for Beta group.

    Screenshot 2024-03-01 145911.png

    If you linked Hadir with Payroll, you do not need to worry about the pay calculation. System will follow your setup and perform final calculation into every single employee's payroll.


    • Amy is in Charlie's group and monthly pay type staff
    • Standard working hour : 9hours
    • Overtime rate : 2x
    • Working days in a month : 28
    • Expected calculation : Basic / Working days/Standard working hours = A
      A x OT worked hours x OT rate = B
      3600/28/9 = 14.285
      14.285 x 2.0 x 1.5hrs = RM42.86

    Screenshot 2024-03-01 145538.png
    In this page, system perform the formula calculation of all the attendances included in the payroll month. So, you don't need to manually key them into payroll, you just need to cross check.

    Hope it explains. If you need further assistance or clarification, please send an email to support@kakitangan.com or find us from live chat on the bottom right.

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