On June 25, 2024, Digital Penang Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, was buzzing with excitement as business owners and HR professionals gathered for the highly anticipated Payroll 101 - Roadshow Penang. From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, attendees were treated to an informative event that aimed to upgrade their payroll and HR management.

Highlights of the Event

The seminar kicked off with a warm welcome from our esteemed speakers, setting the tone for a morning filled with valuable knowledge and practical solutions. Notable insights from the expert sessions included:

Special Speakers from PERKESO and KWSP

Head of Benefit Unit at PERKESO, Pn Norlela Aripin (on the left), spoke on Urusan Kes-Kes Tuntutan Faedah. She provided crucial information on employers' responsibilities for PERKESO contributions, clarified various types of contributions and deadlines, and discussed the benefits employees are entitled to, emphasizing the importance of compliance and timely contributions.

As an EPF Relationship Advisor, Bala Murugan Naidu (on the right) covered KWSP dan Anda – Know Your Rights About EPF. He provided an overview of the EPF system, explained different types of EPF accounts, contribution rates, and recent regulatory changes. His session ensured attendees were well-informed about their rights and obligations regarding the Employees Provident Fund. 

Informative Sessions with Kakitangan.com HR Sifus

As an esteemed Industrial Relations Specialist, YK Lai (on the left) delivered a compelling session on Termination of Employment & Proper Hiring practices. He provided practical guidelines on handling employee terminations professionally and best practices for effective hiring, offering clear insights that businesses can readily implement to ensure compliance and foster a positive work environment.

Renowned HR Expert from Kakitangan.com, Nizam Shari (on the right), guided participants through Common Payroll Mistakes and Key Payroll Components. He highlighted frequent payroll errors such as miscalculations and incorrect tax withholdings and broke down essential payroll components like automated software and regular audits. His expertise helped enlighten complex payroll processes, making them more manageable for SME owners.

Interactive Q&A

Participants had the opportunity to engage directly with our speakers during an interactive Q&A session. This open forum allowed for personalized advice and in-depth discussions on various payroll and HR challenges.

Networking Opportunities

The event also provided a valuable platform for networking. Attendees connected with fellow SME owners and professionals, fostering new collaborations and business opportunities. Additionally, open booths from Big Domain, FA Advisory, and KWSP were available, offering attendees the chance to engage directly with representatives, gather information, and explore services that could benefit their businesses.

A Word of Thanks

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our venue sponsor, Digital Penang, and our event partners, Big Domain, SAMENTA and FA Advisory. Your support was instrumental in making Payroll 101 - Roadshow Penang a success. We deeply appreciate your contributions and look forward to future collaborations.

About Our Sponsor and Partners:

Digital Penang: Established in April 2020, Digital Penang is a state government-linked company focused on advancing digitalization within Penang. Through strategic partnerships, they drive the digital transformation of the region.

Visit us: https://digitalpenang.my/

Big Domain: BigDomain Penang specializes in SEO and Xiao Hong Shu services, aiming for digital excellence. Their tailored strategies maximize online visibility and effectively meet clients' diverse needs.

Visit us: https://bigdomain.my/

SAMENTA: Registered in 1986, Samenta is Malaysia's pioneer SME association, dedicated to fostering SME development nationwide.

Visit: https://samenta.org.my/

FA Advisory: Licensed under the Financial Services Act 2013 by Bank Negara Malaysia to conduct the business of a financial adviser.

Visit: https://faadvisory.my/

Looking Forward

The success of Payroll 101 - Roadshow Penang has set a high bar for future events. We are committed to continuing our mission to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive. Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to elevate your business operations.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this event. We look forward to seeing you at our future roadshows!

Stay tuned for our next event on 10 July with LHDN. Visit our website on resources and trainings for more info: https://www.kakitangan.com

For a full recap of all of the speakers sessions, do visit our TikTok at @kakitangan.com.