Here’s what you missed from the last Community Series 2024

It was a success that our Community Series event provided attendees with invaluable insights on two critical topics: managing employees and the fundamentals of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). If you were unable to attend, here's a brief overview of what was discussed.

Surprisingly, many SMEs are not aware on how to hire and fire legally. 

The session started with a detailed explanation of employee termination processes, led by YK Lai, President of the MICSEA & Managing Director of HR Edge Consulting Sdn Bhd. YK Lai shared expert advice on handling terminations with the utmost professionalism and respect, emphasizing the importance of clear communication and empathy to facilitate smooth transitions for both the organization and the employee. 

The discussion is then shifted towards understanding the EPF, with Officers from EPF, En Ariff, and En Ahmad. The focus was on the significance of EPF contributions as a foundation for employees’ financial security in retirement. It is so useful that the advantages of actively using the i-Akaun portal for both members and employers, and the role of dividends enhance members' savings.

Did you know that you can easily transfer your money or top up your contributions to EPF in just less than a minute. Here’s how it can be done:

  1. Download KWSP i-Akaun on your mobile and go to the homepage.

  1. Click on ‘Simpanan’ and click 'Top-up Sekarang'

  1. Enter your total of contributions as low as RM10.
  2. Click ‘Teruskan’.
  3. Choose your bank.

  1. Double check your details and you may proceed by clicking 'Teruskan'

It is so easy to make additional contribution to your KWSP now.

We extend our gratitude to YK Lai, En Ariff, and En Ahmad for their enlightening presentations. We also want to thank our attendees for their contributions and excellent testimonials we received  from them. These sessions highlighted the importance of managing HR processes with care and preparing for financial security through informed planning and utilization of available resources like the EPF.

"I’m not new to my company and I learnt how to use Kakitangan by myself. Today, I learnt more and how to do better on what to deduct, how to claim, and how to manage all the documentation. The system is so good! My company has been using Kakitangan since 2015 but I’ve never used Kakitangan for documentation and I will after this!"

- Puan Intan

"Today is very good to those who want to learn how to digitize HR matters because to be frank HR is a very administrative task. I also encourage my clients to subscribe to Kakitangan because the pricing is quite reasonable, and the support system also responds very promptly."

- Wendy

If you missed out last month's session, don't worry, stay tuned for our next session announcement soon. To those who want to learn about our system, we have our monthly onboarding session on 25 April 2024.

Register here: 

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