If you are working in an company, be it small or big, you should receive a payslip.

If you are an employer and you hire employees, you should be issuing him/her a payslip.

Whether you are running a restaurant or retail shop, you need to issue payslip to your employees.

The issuance of payslip is mandatory as per the Malaysia Employment Act 1955. All employers shall furnish every employee employed by him in a statement relating to the details of wages and other allowances earned during the wage period.

For employers, it is a record that the company has performed its obligation to the employees. It is also a document of salary expenses for the company’s expenditure.

For employees, this can be served as an evidence that he/she is employed by the company, and records the correct salary amount/statutory deductions as stated in the employment contract. It can also be used for his/her tax calculation/deduction and tax information.

Employees may also use this as a credit referral for financial institutions for loan applications, and other usage to prove he/she has an income.

Employee can use payslip as a proof of income for loan application. 

What information required to be shown on Payslip

Manual Payslip without complete information could attract audit by authorities & penalty for non-compliance

When preparing payslip, it is recommended to have the following information available:

i. Company Name
ii. Company Address
iii. Employee Name
iv. Employee Number
v. Employee IC/Passport Number
vi. Employee EPF Number
vii. Employee SOCSO Number
viii. Employee Income Tax Number
ix. Salary Statement Month
x. Employee Earnings/Deductions section, comprises of
a) Basic Pay
b) Allowance, if any
c) Deductions for EPF, SOCSO, Tax, EIS
xi. Employer Contribution section, comprises of
a) EPF
c) EIS
xii. Calculations of Gross Pay, Gross Deductions, Gross Company Contributions and Net Pay amount.

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