Step 1: Employees’ data for payroll

To calculate the income tax correctly, please fill these details in employee’s profile:

  • Amount of children
  • Marital status
  • Spouse is working
  • (Tax) Resident of Malaysia

Please enable the 'Pay EPF' option and fill in the employee EPF number for the text file generation or pay file to upload to banks work correctly.

  • Employee number

To make the Submission forms for contributions (EPF Form A, SOCSO Form A, and IRB CP 39) work, fill these details in employee’s profile:

Employee profile -> Personal info

  • NRIC: 930826062343 (example)

Employee profile > Compensation

  • EPF Number: 22762345 (example)
  • Income tax Number: SG2558459206 (Ensure it’s a 10 digit. If 11 digit, take out the last digit)
  • SOCSO Number: 930826062343 (example)

Employee profile > Employment info

  • Employee start date: dd/mm/yyyy, 27/05/2015 (format and example)

Step 2: Company configuration

Payroll -> Configure

These are the data of the company:

  • Official company name: (This name will reflect in the payslip)
  • Company registration #
  • Bank originator ID (This only applies for Maybank and only to be filled with 5 numbers)
  • EPF account #
  • SOCSO account #
  • Income tax #
  • The signatory of Payroll forms (EPF/LHDN/SOCSO): Please assign the person to sign and approve every month's payroll.
  • Phone
  • Address (This is company address)

Step 3: Importing previous data

Payroll -> Import

This feature is used for inputting previous months’ YTD (year to date) amount for tax formula calculations.
In order to proceed all employees should be onboarded and their join date should be set correctly.

  • Previous months’ payroll data
  • Fill up all the accumulated amount for each item and employee