By Julie Goh (11 Jan 2023)

As she walked into the office on Monday morning, Sarah could feel a sense of dread settling in her stomach. She had been working in the company for just over a year, and while she had always gotten along with her co-workers, there was one person who made her feel uneasy every time she was around him.

His name was Mike, and he was a senior manager at the company. From the moment Sarah had started working there, Mike had made it clear that he did not think highly of her. He would often belittle her in meetings, talk over her when she tried to contribute to discussions, and assign her menial tasks that seemed designed to make her feel incompetent. He often raised his voice to her in the presence of other colleagues, even when she was not at fault.

At first, Sarah had tried to brush off Mike's behaviour and focus on her work. She thought if she showed her commitment and her dedication to her work, he would change his attitude towards her. But as time went on, it became harder and harder for her to ignore the constant feeling of anxiety and stress that accompanied her every day at the office. She began to dread going to work and found herself struggling to concentrate on her tasks. She began to have trouble sleeping and found herself snapping at her loved ones at home over small things. Everyone and everything seemed to annoy her.

One day, after another particularly torturous meeting with Mike, Sarah finally snapped. She marched into her supervisor's office and told her everything that had been happening. To Sarah's surprise, her supervisor listened attentively and took her concerns seriously. She immediately set up a meeting with HR to address the situation.

After that meeting, things began to improve at work. Mike was given a stern warning and Sarah noticed that he started to treat her with more respect. She began to feel more confident in her abilities and started to enjoy her job again. She even found herself sleeping better at night and feeling more positive about life in general.

Looking back, Sarah realised that being bullied at work had taken a significant toll on her mental health. But by speaking up and seeking support, she was able to turn the situation around and reclaim her happiness. She knew that she would always be grateful to her supervisor for listening and taking action, and she hoped that other people experiencing similar situations would find the courage to speak up and seek help as well.