This is the interesting part on employee life cycle. Such things happen and we’re sorry to see him/her go. Ok, how do we terminate someone properly in Don’t worry, it’s easy.


(1) Triggering termination

Say Mr Ballmer is leaving the company, you may go “Users” page in the, search for Mr Ballmer, click the Terminate button under Actions. Follow the steps to fill up the last working day.


Once you’ve done this, the person should be hidden from the User page now.

(2) Final Payroll

Yes, if you go to the payroll calculator, the person is still in the list.

This is for you to arrange the FINAL PAYROLL for the person. Now you can either:

  • Settle Mr Ballmer’s April Payroll (calculate, and “confirm” in the payroll summary); or

  • Untick “Include in Payroll” for Mr Ballmer in the Payroll Calculator

You also should double check the EA Form, etc, and export employee data from the system for a duplicate copy. This is your chance to fix the data, within the day / before you conduct the action above.


During this stage, you can still unterminated the person, if needed. Go to payroll calculator and click on the name of the person, you will be able to get to the person profile. Click the “unterminated” at the same position of the “terminate” you did last time.


(3) Fully terminated

Every midnight, the system will conduct a termination process to remove the employee from payroll calculator, and put them into terminated database.

The criteria for system to process, is both:

a) Triggered termination for this person; AND
b) Conducted final payroll / or exclude from payroll for this person.

For the already terminated employee, they can no longer login into the system. You’re not able to:

  • Amend the payroll entries. Eg, you can’t do payroll for terminated employees. You can’t unconfirm the terminated employees (because if you unconfirm, how do you do a payroll for someone not in the company?)
  • Amend the user data and leave days.

The EA/E form as well as the payroll history will be kept.

New feature : Leave Encashment on employee termination - []