Life insurance - a safety net that provides a lump sum payment to your family in your absence, or if you become totally and permanently disabled. It's a simple product, and a very important one (just ask any financial planner!) - life insurance lets your loved ones rebuild their lives without having to depend financially on others.

And yet, so few of us actually hold a life insurance policy. According to the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia[1], only one-third of Malaysians have life insurance or takaful policies. Out of those, 90% are underinsured - the insurance isn't enough to cover their family's needs! And even worse, many of these policies are too expensive, too complicated and too troublesome.

Enter Fi Life - a simple, affordable way to get the maximum coverage you need. Now available on Kakitangan - just login to your Kakitangan profile and click on "Insurance" at the top bar (or click "here"). You'd be surprised how affordable life insurance can be!

What happens when I click on the "Insurance" button?

Based on your profile, you can see how much great life insurance costs - without keying in any information. It's cheaper than you might imagine - our plans go as low as RM10 per month for a whopping RM100,000 in coverage!

(psst! if you use the promo code KAKIFI , we'll throw in a 20% rebate on your first year's premium!)

What happens if I'm ready to purchase?

Great - click on the "Apply Now" button and Kakitangan will send you to the Fi Life website, with your details pre-filled (don't worry, you need to explicitly provide permission before any of your personal details are shared with Fi Life). Continue answering the questions, pick your desired plan, and within 10-15 minutes, you'll have a life insurance policy issued and waiting in your email inbox.

Can I customize my life insurance?

You can! Choose your total coverage, from RM100,000 all the way to an incredible RM1,000,000. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose from cheaper premiums which increase annually, or lock in your premium for the next 10-30 years. And keep an eye out during the application process for our Critical Illness add-on. With the Critical Illness add-on, your policy pays out a portion of the total coverage if you are diagnosed with cancer, stroke, heart attack, or you undergo coronary artery bypass surgery.

(psst! again, use the promo code KAKIFI for a 20% rebate on your first year's premium! It’s a seriously good deal.)

Who is this... Fi Life? Can I trust them?

Oh yes - Fi Life is the largest online platform for term life insurance in Malaysia, facilitating over RM600 million in life insurance coverage. The term life policy is issued and underwritten by Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd, a life insurance company present in Malaysia since 1948, and part of the global network of Tokio Marine Group.

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