Most top executives emphasize on a strong HR team in order for a company to be successful. Countless studies list employee engagement as one of the top factors for determining the profitability of a business. If you are a HR professional reading this, you know that your aim is to ensure staff in your company are engaged, motivated and empowered to do their best at work.

But often, you end up bogged down by paperwork and petty employee grievances, and you’re left wondering, “Where did all the time to do the really important stuff go?”

At, our mission is to simplify administrative processes for HR departments so that they can spend more of their time on the important stuff. Recently, our leave application system has helped more than 3,600 (and growing daily!) in Malaysia to help them completely eliminate paper forms. The system allows employees to apply for leave and managers to approve their leave at the touch of a button - whether on a computer or on their mobile phone.

If you face any of the following challenges as a HR practitioner, why not give our platform a try? Here’s how helps you:

“Is there a better way to keep tabs on how many days of leave an employee has taken without having to keep stacks and stacks of files?” stores information about each time a leave application is made. Every time an employee applies for leave, the system will let them know how many days of leave they have left in each leave category, whether it be medical leave, annual leave, or other leave entitlements. As the HR administrator, you will be able to view all of this data across your company on the platform.

“As a HR manager, I don’t know why I have to be the gatekeeper to get BOTH the manager’s and HOD’s signatures every time someone applies for leave.”

Eliminate bottlenecks and multiple layers of approvals with Leave requests go directly to managers, and staff are automatically notified when their leave is approved. HODs aren’t kept out of the loop because they can login to to see all the leave application statuses of their team members. Do away with all that paperwork and hassle!

“It’s a struggle to remember who has already applied for leave - how can I have peace of mind that in big departments, absences will be properly filled if a number of people are applying for leave around the same time?”

Every time a team member applies for leave, will send the manager an e-mail notification. In that e-mail, will also generate a list of any other members within the same team who are applying for leave at the same time - allowing your managers to make wise decisions and work arrangements if important tasks need to be covered during absences.

“My company has many different leave policies for people at different levels of the organization or with different levels of experience. For example, senior managers have extra days of leave, women who have been working for more than 2 years with the company are entitled to extended maternity leave, and so on. How can I keep track of everyone’s different entitlements in the simplest way possible?” allows you to create as many types of leave policies and assign them to different employees, based on whether they are eligible for the special leave entitlements. All you need to do is configure the policies and assign them once, and everything else will be handled automatically from then on. Staff members will be able to view whatever leave entitlements they have available, and won’t need to check with you any longer!

If these features and benefits sound like they could help a busy HR professional like yourself, sign up now for our FREE leave application system at!