Starting from Jan 2019, the companies in Malaysia are required to pay SOCSO for foreigners. The details are here:

While it's a nightmare on changes during this time, good news is that we can register the employees online, calculate payroll in and pay on the same SOCSO portal.

Here are the steps of registration:

(1) Register the employee to SOCSO.
Login to your company's Assist portal account, and follow the below screenshots.

After you fill up the details of the staff, save it and click "next" until you manage to click "submit" button and come to the below screen.

Download the PDF files here. Then you're done. In the "Letter of successful update", there's the SOCSO number of the foreign employee you newly registered.

(2) Input the SOCSO number in At, go to the employee's user profile, and add the SOCSO number here accordingly.

(3) Turn on SOCSO for this person. At the Payroll Calculator, now you can switch on the SOCSO for this person. Note that it is supposed to be employer contribution ONLY.

The rest is business as usual. Process your payroll, and pay SOCSO online as per the guide here:

Done. Hope it helps!

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