By Julie Goh

One of the biggest mistakes of HR is being too rigid with policies. While it is necessary to have policies in the organisation to ensure consistency, fairness, compliance and efficiency in the workplace, it is important for HR to understand the need to balance the need for flexibility and individual accommodation, as overly rigid policies can have negative consequences on employee morale and engagement.

One of the negative consequences of an overly-rigid work environment is that it will not be able to attract or retain highly talented individuals.

Here are ten potential reasons why highly talented individuals may be less likely to work in an environment with rigid HR policies:

  1. They value flexibility and autonomy in their work
  2. They may see strict policies as inhibiting their creativity and ability to take risks
  3. Highly talented individuals often have high expectations for their work environment
  4. They may be less willing to tolerate policies or practices they view as outdated or inefficient
  5. They may prefer dynamic and innovative work environments over those that are overly bureaucratic or rule-bound
  6. Highly talented individuals may be more likely to seek out work that challenges them and allows them to grow professionally
  7. They may have a strong desire for work-life balance and may be deterred by policies that limit their ability to achieve this balance
  8. Highly talented individuals may be more likely to seek out employers who value and support their personal and professional development
  9. They may be more likely to prioritise meaningful work over financial compensation or job security
  10. Highly talented individuals may be more likely to be confident in their abilities and less likely to feel the need for strict rules and regulations to guide their work