The integration between payroll and FingerTec is through excel export and upload.

If you are existing users from FingerTec, you may

  1. Contact the key person of yours in FingerTec and tell them you are interested with so they can direct you to the right person in
  2. Otherwise, you may straight come to platform via live chat on the bottom right or reach us at to tell us your interest on this integration, we will assist further.

If you are existing users from, you may

  1. Tell us your interest to use this integration via live chat on the bottom right
  2. Or, you may reach us at

What does the integration include?

Attendance from FingerTec:

  1. Workday hour
  2. Overtime hour
  3. Unpaid Leave day

Things to take note beforehand

  1. Pay type

You may have different pay types: Monthly, Daily or Hourly. Please note, monthly pay type has a fixed basic salary where workhour calculation will not take place.

Attendance x Payroll

Pay type


Overtime hour


Not applicable









Please make sure the NRIC of your employees in both and FingerTec are the same to ensure the data can be synced correctly.

3. Two cycles

Although payroll supports two cycles but this integration doesn't include it. If you need it, please reach us at or via live chat, we can further discuss and assist you.

4. OT rates

Please make sure the OT types and rates you have created on FingerTec platform and payroll are the same to ensure the data being uploaded are correctly synced. You may edit the rate from Payroll settings -> Overtime -> Save.

Chart below is to help you understand the placement of each data fields based on different scenarios.



Pay Type

OT Types in

OT Types in Finger Tec

Hourly and Daily


Workday Overtime

Public Holiday

Not applicable


Holiday Work + Holiday Overtime



Workday Overtime

Public Holiday

Holiday Work


Holiday Overtime

How to import data from FingerTec to Payroll?

Please make sure necessary setup has been placed before starting below steps.

All setup has been done and you are ready to process this month payroll with the attendance from FingerTec,

  1. Payroll -> Import -> Select "Monthly Payroll Data"

2. You will come to this page

  • Make sure the Pay For is in correct month
  • Go to the last box, download template (You may export the file with data directly from FingerTec as well)

3. This is how the template looks like, one thing to take note when you extract the data from FingerTec : Please choose hour format in HH:HH, this is the format we use in Payroll.

4. Once you cross check the data and confirm good to go, may click on Upload file to upload.

5. You will come back to Payroll calculator page, if it's monthly pay type, you shall see the OT and unpaid leave amount reflected as below only.

Hope it helps :)

Note: Please make sure you the attendance data that you upload is for the intended month, cross check the month and cycle on the payroll calculator. If you found any discrepancies after double checking on your side, feel free to reach us at or via live chat on the bottom right.

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