Many of you are using Maybank2U Biz – same as us too.

Previously we were suggested to setup our payroll integration with it via Maybank Autocredit System (MAS) – but the tricky part is many companies doesn’t have MAS installed.
We are pretty happy to see that the bank is now taking a CSV file for bulk payment (yea!).

The major benefits are not only saving time (upload file instead of one payment entry by one payment entry), but also in the account entries it lump up the amount into the total payment. Ideal for payroll data security when your company grows (eg the person looking at bank statement cannot, and should not see who gets how much pay).

But it is not easy for the first time though. We went thru a few days, multiple tries, and would like to share to you on how to get it done.

(1) Activation – first you need to get it activated

Here’s the setup guide
Maybank also did a very nice video on activating it

Ok here’s the tricky part. If you happen to overlook the activation email (like me) – go contact Maybank at Maybank Group Call Center (MGCC) at 1-800-88-6688.

[update 2018/8 ] now output the CSV file directly for you!
Just use it to upload.

(2) Submit to pay

Now you can submit the file to Bulk Payment via the M2U Biz Maker account.

Please note that after you upload by maker, then ~30min for the bank system to react

  • If bank accepts it, checker will receive a SMS on that

  • If bank rejects it, maker will receive a SMS on that

If it is rejected, Ok, fun part here. If it is generated from system, normally the reasons can be either missing data, OR Maybank changed the format again without telling us.

If you download the Bank's excel template and edit from there, there are many ways things can go wrong. I list out some common ones and hope that it helps you. All you need is the skill to open the CSV file with notepad. (choose the file, right click, open with, notepad)

  • most common issue - date. Maybank2U Biz Bulk Payment ONLY accepts today's transaction if you upload and process BEFORE 3pm. Anything after 3pm is deemed to be second day. So you cannot have a 2 July instruction where the transaction date is set as 1 July. After 3pm, what you should do, is either you edit the CSV file via NOTEPAD, set the date to second day; OR generate the text file again tomorrow and upload tomorrow in the morning.

  • The CSV file is having semicolon (;) instead of comma (,). This is commonly seen if your Windows Region is NOT US, eg Singapore or Malaysia. Microsoft somehow thought that our area needs semicolon for comma delimited CSV.
    Well, short term fix – replace in notepad from ; to ,
    Long term fix – see here: /batch-import-how-to-export-into-comma-csv/

  • The Excel somehow input a date at the end of the row. What you gonna do is to replace “01/01/1900” into “1” – that will solve it.

  • There are empty space in the data.
    Yea, check the data carefully. We copy and paste the account number from other system, and somehow there’s a “space” in the data, but we didn’t notice it in the excel. It should be easy spotting from notepad. Have fun in spotting it!

  • The Amount were changed to a different format. Double check if the amount is under 2-digit decimal.

  • Some data such as bank account or IC, turned into scientific format in Excel (and in CSV then). Check here for fix: /batch-import-how-to-avoid-scientific-number-in-excel/

Once you get the SMS telling you it passed the file (instead of failing), oh yea the rest is simple.

(3) Approval

Now you can examine a list of your employee payment, and decide which one to approve and reject. The process is pretty straightforward. Then the payment will happen at the night time of the payment date you set.

Hope it helps. If you like our post, please share it to your friends and help them! Many M2U Biz users will appreciate your sharing.

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how to setup so you can automate the max for your payroll and people operation /onboarding-your-company-to-kakitangan-com-for-the-first-time/