How to pay EIS (Employment Insurance Scheme) online?

It has been a while after we are mandatory to pay EIS from Jan 2018. First we need to pay via cheque. Then iPerkeso portal allows you to pay via FPX – but without text file upload feature. That is rather inconvenient for bigger companies. Now, finally we can have one portal to upload text file that contains several employees, and pay via FPX. We tried and tested it works.

Firstly, different from many people’s thought and heard previously, EIS and SOCSO are paid via 2 different portals, which they were both called “Assist” as told by SOCSO early this year. SOCSO payment is here; and

EIS Payment portal is

Both of them using the same login credential, that you only need to apply once.

After you login, it’s pretty straightforward, you may upload the text file generated from (from below screenshot), and submit it.

The EIS Portal then generates an ECR file. Download it as your record, and then proceed with Payment.

This screen you need to click the checkbox and then click the button below.

Then it is the normal FPX screen. Once you have done the FPX payment, you will see the summary screen. Done!

Hope that helps. It's great we now have another process improvement for this statutory payment. Cheers,

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