Have you paid your EIS yet? We finally did! Here’s a few lessons that we’ve learnt:


  1. Go SOCSO office early. Most of the SOCSO office opens at 8am. If you reach there earlier, likelihood the queue is shorter.

  2. Fill up a caruman form before queuing up. There’s a caruman form (green color in PJ branch we went to), that you attach together with your documents. (so you don't get trapped in the scenario of queuing first, then fill up form, then queue again)

  3. Make sure you do print the email with the From/To/Subject and the Lampiran 1. Else, prepare to show the officer on the phone and forward the email to their email.

  4. How to get the doc ready faster? Yes if you do data entry on the Assist portal for the employees, you can print the acknowledgement, instead of the emailing. Currently Lampiran 1 preparation and email is faster if you have more than 10 employees (because we automated the data output from Kakitangan.com for your Lampiran 1 copy n paste - see below). But once we get the text file ready for you to upload to Assist next month, then that should be a faster way hopefully.

Hope it helps. Overall, the process is still fine if the queue is not long + you have the documents ready.

If you want all the steps on how to pay EIS for Jan 2018, check here: https://mailchi.mp/31f59cc3748e/pay-eis-180202

P/S: Hate filling up the form with lots of data? Kakitangan.com engineers worked over the weekend and public holidays to get the system to generate an excel that you could copy and paste over the data to the Lampiran1.


P/S 2: 12 Feb iPerkeso.my just released the feature to pay EIS online via FPX. Though you need to edit and double check all people's record before submission. So it is great for <30ppl size. Hope that they have the text file upload feature soon!

P/S 3: 5 May Finally we can have text file upload to EIS portal and pay via FPX. Details check here /how-to-pay-eis-employment-insurance-scheme-online/