Calculation error! Not again. What should I do?  

When calculating EPF for payroll, it is common to face some errors. Fortunately, EPF works closely with to promote the use of an online HR & Payroll system among SMEs, aiming to minimize calculation errors. While EPF provides free payroll software ( to businesses without an online payroll system (Thank you EPF!), also offers a comprehensive curated system for your convenience. 

There are 3 common situations that EPF e-payroll might not be suitable for when you are making errors in calculation. This will give you a reason to switch to

  1. Pro-rate calculations. For newly joined employees and those leaving the company, you are required to calculate their daily rate and leave encashment. (Read HERE to learn more about leave encashment) Usually, you will need to calculate it manually before you can key in the data to the EPF system. This has apparently caused such a huge headache for the HR admin. Isn’t manual calculation a bit of time consuming and taking too much effort? 

  1. Overtime (OT) and payroll deductions. Once or twice a year, SME might face a challenge while adjustments to salary become necessary prior to fulfilling the statutory obligations. The most common scenario is calculation error for overtime (OT) and other payroll deductions. Picture this, after the salary is paid to an employee, you found out that you missed out RM 6.30 for one employee. There is no chance for you to change it in the EPF system. But with, you can! Our system allows you to make the adjustments before the statutory payment or 2 weeks after the salary is paid. 

  1. Juggling multiple tasks. Ever been in a situation where you are juggling leave, time attendance and the accounting system separately for payroll? Are you seriously still okay in managing it separately? not only provides essential modules to make your payroll task easier, but also allows you to plan your HR management in a much better way. 

‘Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.’ -Sun Tzu  

If you are a micro business and still unsure of using a system for only 2-3 of your employees, fret not! You can enjoy free access for 3 employees and below. So, what are you waiting for?

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