Managing employee leave can often be an inconvenient and time-consuming task for HR departments. However, with, the process becomes streamlined and efficient. Our comprehensive system is designed to handle various leave-related tasks seamlessly, from initial application to final encashment. 

Leave Encashment on Resignation 

Calculating remaining annual leave upon resignation can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. But with, this process is automated. By integrating leave encashment calculations into the resignation process, we ensure your payroll records stay current effortlessly.

Creating and Approving Unpaid Leave 

Managing unpaid leave policies can be complex, especially when it comes to ensuring that salaries are appropriately adjusted. With, setting up unpaid leave policies is simple. Our intuitive platform allows you to create custom leave types and specify whether they are paid or unpaid.

Multiple Layers of Approval 

To maintain control over leave requests and ensure that they align with company policies, supports multiple layers of approval. Initially, direct managers or supervisors handle leave approvals, providing a first line of review. However, HR administrators can configure additional layers of approval as needed, allowing for thorough oversight and control over the leave management process. 

Effortless Reporting 

Generating leave reports is essential for tracking employee absence patterns, identifying trends, and making informed decisions. With, generating comprehensive leave reports is a breeze. Whether you need to track individual employee leave balances or analyze leave trends across departments, our robust reporting tools provide you with the insights you need to effectively manage your workforce. 

Compliance and Regulation Support 

Staying compliant with leave regulations is crucial to avoid legal issues and maintaining employee satisfaction. helps you stay on top of regulatory changes by automatically updating our system to reflect the latest labor laws and regulations. This ensures that your leave policies remain compliant and that your employees receive fair and accurate treatment. 

In short, makes managing employee leave a breeze. Our platform automates tasks, simplifies policies, and keeps you compliant with laws. With easy reporting, we help you handle leave smoothly, so you can focus on other HR duties. 

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