How to pay SOCSO / Perkeso online?

If you're still paying cheque to the SOCSO counter, you should moving it to online.

Many of us used to use iPerkeso to pay SOCSO. From what we heard from SOCSO, it was mentioned that they will eventually discontinue iPerkeso and we should continue our payment in Assist Portal. (note, SOCSO and EIS are paid via different Assist portal ya – EIS is here)

So, it is better to start paying via the Assist portal. I know many of us prefer iPerkeso user interface - but with this userguide, no worries, it is easy to pay with Assist too.

First, you download the SOCSO text file from

Then, go to and login into your Assist account.

On “My Sites”, choose “Contribution”.

Then choose Employer Contribution -> Add Contribution (Portal)

Now, select Text File

After you upload the file, it will need you to click BACK and check. (yea this step quite confusing).

Then, at the bottom of next screen, you can submit the file for payment. The system will then bring you thru the FPX payment process. Make sure you then download ACR file for record purpose.

Done. Hope it helps!

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