Normally, the first month is the hardest – you’re changing the practice from existing to a new system/process. And we are human – things happen that we overlook certain things when we set it up.


  • Common missing items: Company Registration Number, Bank Account Number, Company EPF/SOCSO/LHDN Numbers, authorized person, pro-rata setting.

  • Before you get these data completed, the file generation for online payment is not shown in the Payroll Summary report.

  • Setup the system data in both

    1. Dashboard->Company Settings; and


  1. Bank and Other Account Details



  • Common overlooked one: Employee number (not employee EPF number). EPF somehow requires your employee number in their text file to submit to EPF website

  • Date of birth is the common one that EIS/EPF/SOCSO calculation goes wrong

  • NRIC is must in most of the text file output

  • Be really careful on the “Malaysian Tax Resident”, if you uncheck it, it means this person is not Malaysian Tax Resident and get charged with the maximum rate in PCB.



  • Many people edited the amount in EPF/SOCSO/LHDN – and forgot about it. The system assumes you want such number, and will carry forward the number to the following months. Make sure you remember to key in “-1” there to refresh it to the formula calculation.

  • How do you know whether it’s a pre-set number, or how do you know how the calculation is derived at? Click the little eye button in the payroll calculator.


  • Be careful if you create extra allowance or deduction items – are they applicable to EPF/SOCSO/LHDN?

  • Bonus has a very different PCB calculation mechanism – it gets divided into 12 in the PCB formula.

  • Transport Allowance is up to RM6000 a year.

  • Remember to input the aggregated numbers this year, before using – the system will add them into the EA/E forms. /how-to-get-ea-e-form-done/

Hope it helps!

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