It's straightforward. Because our colleagues does not have access to your data in our internal security control.

So we will need your screenshots and description of issues (what was expected result and the actual result you saw) to learn about your issue. If we could help from there then it's done.

In the event we need further investigation, we need your authorization and access to get into your account to examine where may cause the issue. Could be settings, could be parameters, could be mixture of different things. So it's fastest. So we will need you to reset password to let us have a look, and after the investigation please reset back - we don't want to have more access after that.

If you are reluctant of doing so, and willing to take more time, another option is arrange a time with the support, go Google Hangout with your Chrome and send us the join link. then you can do screenshare with us.

Hope it helps

how to setup so you can automate the max for your payroll and people operation GHOST_URL/onboarding-your-company-to-kakitangan-com-for-the-first-time/