Unpaid leave is not a default leave type but if your company practices Unpaid Leave policy, this is how you can create it on our Leave module.

  1. Go to Leave Settings

2. Click on Add Leave Type

3. You will come to a pop up screen,

I. Name the custom new leave - Unpaid Leave

II. If it's non-paid leave- please select No. (If an unpaid leave is taken, it will be deducted in the payroll calculator.)

III. Click on Create leave type

IV. Determine if it applies to all employee or customize based on the employee groups/departments etc.

V. Click on Save.

4. Scroll all the way down to the settings page, you will find the newly created leave type here. Go ahead and click Save.

5. Once you link unpaid leave with payroll. (under Payroll Settings)

6. In the payroll calculator, when your staff applied for an unpaid leave and it's being approved. The unpaid leave amount will be reflected here, if you would like to know how it's being calculated, click on the How is this calculated? to find out more.

Note: If you couldn't find the approved unpaid leave in the payroll calculator, you probably need to check the unpaid leave cut-off date first then the unpaid leave submission date to make sure it has fall into the correct payroll month. If you need further assistance, can always reach us at support@kakitangan.com or click on the livechat on the right bottom.

Hope it helps :)

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