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How to Apply & Manage Leave
Learn how to apply leave, check public holidays, customise company holidays, download leave reports (by employee/type/department), replacement credit

How to Setup Leave for Probation & Confirmed Group
Learn how to create custom groups (in this case it will be Confirmed & Probation group), create custom leave entitlement

Leave Policy
Learn how to setup your company leave policy, create Job level by group, create custom entitlement, set different entitlement days for different group

General Leave Settings
Learn how to perform settings on leave module, leave entitlement starting month, email notifications for leave applications and shared leave calendar settings

Advanced Leave Policy Settings
Learn how to setup advance settings for leave, calculate pro-rata leave entitlement, leave day rounding setup, carry forward policy, replacement leave policy

Full guide on Leave module can be found here.

Claim Setting - Categories to Cut off date
Learn how to setup claim categories, set claim limit by monthly & yearly, approval notification settings, claim submission with/without attachment setting, include/exclude claim from terminated employees, set cut off date for claim submissions

Claim Settings - Setup Custom Fields to Approval workflow
Learn how to setup custom fields, change currency symbol, set mileage claim rate, set specific claim limit for specific employee & category, set approval workflow for claims more than 1 person approval

Linking Claims with Payroll
Learn how to link Claim with Payroll Module (settings in Payroll Settings)

Submitting Claims
Learn how to submit claim, view list of claims submitted, approve/reject/delete a claim, view attachments, settle claim options, filter claim by name/date/claim categories/status, download claim reports or bank pay file

Full guides on Claim module can be found here.

Hadir Settings
Learn how to perform settings on Hadir Attendance Module, set mandatory shift selection, early clock-in setting, shift time block settings (10/15/30mins), time rounding policy, auto-approval settings, monthly cut off date settings

Hadir - Import & Export Data, Admin
Learn how to import & export data, add a new admin & assign module's admin access

Hadir - Create, View & Manage Shift
Learn how to create (shift name, clock-in & out time, compensation/allowance/overtime settings, selfie clock-ins settings, location map & radius settings, delete shift option), view & manage shift (edit/assign shift), view shift roster/attendance record, download attendance reports, edit employee attendance record

Full guides on Hadir module can be found here.

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